Paul hecht Designs

The best place to start any design project is at the beginning. How can we help you? Whether preparing to list your home for sale or designing it from the ground up, Paul hecht Designs comes to the table with a team of expert professionals to help you with any project on any budget.  Below are just a few ways PhD can help you Live Well.
Always free and always informative, the consultation process is a good way for a client to get acquainted with PhD and the services offered.  Let's get started by emailing or calling 323-219-4025 to book your appointment today.
So you don't live in the New York or Los Angeles area and still need a little help with your home project? Fear not, in 2010 we introduced a popular online design service and it took off.  Email us your design dilemma and we can start the ball rolling, from room layouts to paint colors, fabric choices and furniture purchases, we can do it all online!
When it's time to sell your home it's often best to have a third party step in to make sure it shines bright for the market.  After working with major real estate firms in both New York and California for over ten years, PhD knows what subtle changes will yield the greatest return.  From re-arranging furniture to create better flow, to de-cluttering, painting or adding items from a warehouse full of inventory, PhD will assess, consult and produce the best result for your situation.
PhD has partnered with one of the largest auction houses in the country.  What does that mean for you exactly?  If you're interested in selling a few items or clearing out an entire house, PhD will connect you with a local auctioneer and appraiser who will inventory, price and sell your items in a timely fashion, either directly from your home, online or live from an auction house.  The Estate Sale Services with PhD have been a great way for clients to get rid of unwanted items without lifting a finger.
No matter what size project or how big of a budget, PhD can help you reach your design goals.  How do we do that, you ask? During the initial consultation Phd will determine your needs, goals and budget and with those in mind will create a plan, from 3D room layouts, to detailed timelines and cost breakdowns.  PhD has designed dorm rooms and 20,000 square foot mansions, refurbished vintage travel trailers as guest houses, helped a single mom decorate her condominium and a family settle into their Upper East Side Penthouse.  From consulting on paint colors and hanging artwork, to designing twenty-five rooms in a weekend home from tip to toe, Phd does it all and everything in-between!
PhD has spent years working tirelessly to assemble a team of seasoned professionals; from painters and plumbers to architects and contractors, PhD walks through your door with an honest, reliable, hard-working team of individuals with one goal in mind; to make your house a wonderful home.  Working with design budgets from $1,500.00 to $800,000.00, PhD and Co. have created beautiful kitchens, bathrooms, master bedroom sanctuaries, basement retreats, guest houses and outdoor retreats.  Tell us what you want, give us a budget and we will design it and make it happen!