Paul hecht Designs

In 2003 Paul Hecht founded Paul hecht Designs.  His inherent understanding of color, space, architecture, furniture, design and style translates to every project he designs. Paul's passion for design is fueled by his need to be surrounded by objects and interiors that inspire and please the senses. 

A variety of internships early in his career proved invaluable to Paul and pointed him in the direction his career would take. Experience he gained working with award-winning designers Chip Dox and Roy Christopher began to shape his design eye.  From space planning and furniture design to unique painting techniques, the lessons learned from those experiences would pave the road of design for Paul.  Landing jobs with some of Hollywood's brightest stars, Paul found himself designing interiors of some of LA's most prestigious homes.  From early Spanish estates to modern loft spaces, Paul has used his unique style to create environments both comfortable and functional.

As a design expert, Paul has appeared on several television programs from HGTV's "OUTER SPACES" and ABC FAMILY's "KNOCK FIRST" to USA's "BEFORE AND AFTERNOON MOVIE." He also appeared as a series regular on LIFETIME TELEVISION's "MERGE" with Lisa Rinna.  Most recently, Paul hosted a pilot for HGTV and 3 Ball Entertainment where he served as both host and designer.

These diverse experiences and his natural eye have parlayed into a style that is a trademark for Paul. His fresh and edited designs remain warm, inviting and timeless.  He blends modernity with antiques and traditional design principals to create a fresh look that is intrinsically innovative and new.

It is imperative to Paul that his clients identify with their environment and as a result become comfortable in their finished product.  With a variety of design talents, cutting edge style and impeccable service, Paul Hecht is a designer that respects the past, creates in the present and looks confidently to the future.